Non Profit Web Design

A well executed web design can be your best PR source…


Whether you are promoting your cause or trying to fund it, every non profit web design should have these important items:

First, you need a website. Having a website can be your best PR source.

Second, make your message clear. Let your visitor know that you are looking for donations.

Finally, entice your visitor to act. Make it easy for your visitor to make that donation NOW.

So how can we help with ALL these aspects of your website?

  1. We can design and create an effective site that will get their attention.
  2. We help get your message across to your visitor which is part and parcel of a good website layout.
  3. Clear navigation is key and we make sure that your visitor will find a way to make their donation EASILY.

Experience matters.

Are you ready to see how we can help you?

To get started today there are three ways of reaching us to discover how we can make designing your non profit website easy and effective for you:

  1. Become a fan of MDT Design and leave me a message.
  2. Call me (Marie) at 203.852.9300

Or if you prefer simply click the link for professional web design services, complete a short form and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your web and social media needs.

Either way the choice is yours…